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September 6, 2009
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Sep 7, 2009, 2:52:57 PM
Tarah meets Jack O Lantern by tOoNsInMyRoOm Tarah meets Jack O Lantern by tOoNsInMyRoOm
I made this over at :icondevilmaychic4ever:s house. She thought it was pretty cool, so while I was over there, both me and her decided to make a story plot out of this, so here it goes well my version of it that is:

Tarah had awakened in a dark room. This particular room sort of had a Medevil theme to it.

"Welcome, dear, to my not-so-humble abode..."

Tarah gasped, as she saw a figure, with glowing yellow eyes coming toward her. Tarah tried to back away, but since she was chained, it was just to pointless.

"W-who are you and what do you want with me!?!"

The figure had finally came into the light, to reveal his true identity. A pumpkin headed man with a cream tunic, purple elf shoes, and a matching witch hat.

"Jack O Lantern at you service, my dear," he said tipping his hat as his salutations.

Tarah shook her head to make sure if this was real or just a bad dream, Jack chuckled and said,

"No, I'm sorry to say this, but I'm not a bad dream, I'm all real, baby! And the worst part for you, is that you'll have to put up with me and my pranks on a regular basis, for as long as I intend on having you!"

"But WHY the HELL do you need me for?" Tarah yelled.

"Why, for my plan on taking control of the universe, of course! But first I have to test you, to see if your compatible."


Jack then, came forward to Tarah.

"No! S-stay away!!"

Too late, Jack grabbed her, and threw her up on his shoulders. Tarah yelled telling him to put her down this instant.

"If you insist, my dear."

Jack sat her down on a wooden table, when he did Tarah made a yelp that was moderately loud.

"By the way, might I say that, that dress suits you VERY well."

"What dress? Yo-..."

Tarah looked down and noticed that she was wearing a dress that was black and orange with a black and orange belt. Tarah, looked up at Jack, full of anger.


"No no no no, I had someone else do that for me."

"Who!?!" Tarah asked.

"That's not important, now is it? What IS important is to see if your the one I needed."

Tarah raised a brow.

"What for!?"

"You'll know, soon enough....."

Jack grinned wickedly, as he plucked out a red feather from his hat. He approached Tarah, she tried to scoot away, but jack grabbed her and said,

"I'm sorry if those chains are a tad uncomfortable, Tarah. But I promise that your stay here will be a lot more....interesting."

Jack then, grabbed Tarah's feet and used the feather to tickle her. Tarah, tried to hold in her laugh, but it failed and she started to giggle. Jack tickled the bottom of her feet, top of her feet even her toes. Her giggles soon became loud laughter, and then tears started to stream down her eyes as the tickling started to get worst, Jack also had begun to laugh, because of Tarah. Tarah laughed like a hyena, her feet was her weakness. But then, Jack cried out,

"SUCCESS!! You are the person whom I was looking for!"

Jack put his feather back on his hat, and Tarah had took deep breathes to calm her down.

"What the hell was that for!?!"

"My dear, I need you for my ultimate scheme to take over the universe. I need to harness your laughter, to use it as my ultimate weapon! You see, dear, people say that laughter is the key to happiness, but what would happen if there was to much laughter? I'll tell you what would happen, people would laugh, yes, but at some point you would need to stop. The key is, if people wouldn't stop laughing, they would experience so much pain, that they won't pay attention to anything else, there would be havoc and destruction, and that's when I, Jack O Lantern, will put the world in it's place! Everyone will bow down to me! AND I WILL RULE THE WORLD!! FOREVER!!!!!!"

Jack maniacally laughed, but Tarah just stared at him as if he was on drugs. She then said,

"That, is the lamest thing I've EVER heard of!!"

"Well, I'd like to see you come up with something better!!" Jack said, his face an inch away from hers. Tarah was silent for awhile, until she finally heard Jack say,

"Oh would you look at the time, it is getting late, and you need your rest, my dear."

Jack carried Tarah bridal style, and headed over to his bed. He gently laid Tarah there, but noticed the chains,

"Oops! Almost forgot." Jack whipped out a key, and unlocked the chains from her hands, arms, thighs and ankles.

"Wait, your not worried about me escaping at all?" Tarah asked.

"Why should I be worried? It's not like you have a place to go, that and your a long way home, my dear."

Good point.

"W-wait...a-are...y-you...gonna s-sleep...h-?"

"No, I'm sleeping on the couch, that and I have inventions to work on."

Jack then walked out of the room, but before he shut the door he whispered,

"Try to get some sleep, you'll need it for tomorrow. Good night, dear."

Jack shut the door, and left Tarah by herself. She laid back on the bed and thought,

"This is so weird! But, in a way......he
seems...kinda..friendly....NO!..... he's the enemy! Pull yourself together Tarah!"

Tarah covered herself up, and thought some more,

"Hmmm might as well make myself at home, I feel that I'm gonna be here for sometime...."

Ad just like that, Tarah eyes drooped down and she softly fell asleep.

So there it is, not so sure about it though. I just did something to give you guys an idea of what me and my friend was thinking about. I hope you like the picture as well!
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Smurfette123 Aug 4, 2013  Student Filmographer
I love Jack he's one of my favorite characters from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
Elizabeth900 May 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Jack you pervert...
DragonPaw-21 Jun 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Tarah doesent looks so happy...............
Gurrenna-kun Apr 25, 2011  Student General Artist
lol!Somebody have a case of stockholmes syndrome? (If i am spelling it correctly that is...?) lol. Very entertaining! Like it a lot! :clap:
aww, what a nice pairing! :D
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